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Marine Science is a distance learning course for beginning college students. It is an introduction to oceanography and marine biology. It covers ocean properties, marine ecology of tropical, polar, temperate and deep-sea regions, as well as some marine environmental concerns. The entire course content is contained in lessons available at this website.

This course is open to anyone who would like to learn about marine science. Only registered students (through Santa Barbara City College, SBCC) receive credit and are required to complete the assignments as described in the Marine Science booklet availabe through the SBCC bookstore. Everyone is free to enjoy this presentation.     Welcome !

Sea Crew volunteers from the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History Sea Center use part of this course as their training. Please click here to get your special Sea Crew Information Page.

At the top of every page is a "navigation" bar. Clicking on a title of one of the six course chapters (e.g., introduction, physical ocean, marine ecology, bottom dwellers, water dwellers, oceans' future) will take you to the beginning of that chapter. Once there, the chapter title will remain highlighted on every page until you change chapters (or return to this home page). Each chapter lists its lesson content. Please read the Course Information Pages (Preface, Navigation, Table of Contents, Contacts/Copyright), available above, to learn about the general nature of the course, and how to navigate the pages.

0.0.0 Each course page (that is part of the course content) contains a three-part identification number. The first number indicates the 'chapter,' the second number indicates the chapter lesson, and the third number indicates the lesson content page. Thus, page number 4.1.3 uniquely identifies the information in chapter 4 (bottom dwellers), lesson 1 (in this chapter the Coral Reefs Internet presentation is the first lesson), lesson page 3 (in the Coral Reefs Internet lesson, there are five sections - 'Coral Reef Formation' is first, 'The Coral Animal' is second, and 'Coral Reef Buildup and Breakdown' is third). By using the number 4.1.3 the webpage section covering Coral Reef Buildup and Breakdown, in the Coral Reef Internet lesson, in the bottom dwellers chapter would be easily identified. If students have questions about any of the online materials they should use this three-part number so that their question can be properly addressed in a timely manner.


At the bottom of each page (lower right) are arrows that will allow you to step backward and forward through the pages of a chapter. Clicking on the sea star (upper left of each webpage) will always return you to the course home page (this page).

The first time you log onto this page please, send the instructor an email, to - only if you are a registered SBCC student. Please include your full name and phone number. The instructor, Michelle Paddack, will know that you have successfully accessed the course website and you will be added to the class email roster (only if you are also registered in the course). You will receive a confirming email within a day or two (school days only).

If you do not receive a confirming email within two days (after the beginning of the semester) you must contact the instructor by phone [(805) 965-0581 ext. 2328] or you may be dropped from the course.

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